Learn How Chiropractors 
Are Creating 
Multiple Streams
of Income
Without Sacrificing Their TIME...
Right now!
"I know what you are thinking...what's the catch. 
There is none!"
- Dr. Derek Bittner, CEO & Founder of Achiever A7


Who doesn't want to have more CASH FLOW, while working WORKING LESS?  

I will show you how. 

You see, I went from pulling my hair out with one Chiropractic office to Multiple, Multi-Disciplinary clinics on cruise control.  

I currently have multiple offices including: Chiropractors, Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic, Neurologists, EMG's, MRI's and much more.

Working 16 hour days was a GRIND! Now I work 3 hours a day and I have a passion to 'pay it forward' to other Doctors. 

I will show you how to make more money, have less stress, but more importantly MORE FREEDOM!  Learn from a guy that is doing it NOW!  Most Doctors can't even imagine one more employee let alone another office or two but I will reveal the multi-practice secret!

Download my FREE Productivity System and I will show you how easy it is to: Track your practice stats, know your patient numbers, get a hold on office revenue...and much more! 

Start learning the systematic procedures that will set you on a path to FREEDOM!

Here to help, 

Dr. Derek Bittner

You'll get:
  •  the blank Snapshot Spreadsheet
  •  the pre-filled Snapshot Spreadsheet to use as an example
  •  the video where I explain how to make it work for YOUR practice
I wanted to take a quick moment to thank Dr. Derek and his A7 Achiever system. I knew I wanted to expand my practice into other areas, but there were so many unknowns. A7 was able to give me a blueprint and action steps to streamline my goals. This program has taken years off of my learning curve and all ready can see a huge light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks Dr. Derek and A7

Dr. Chad D McKernan, DC
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